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TOPIC: crashing with SSAO installed
crashing with SSAO installed 8 Years, 11 Months ago  
I recently began having some major crashing occur in one of my projects. I was unable to determine the exact cause and we were changing the games focus a bit so I went through an engine rebuild. Our games had been crashing when attempting to join a server, in debug mode and after other products were merged (AFX) Once the engine was rebuilt, I added in SSAO again and almost immediately began experiencing the same issues. I had exactly the same build minus SSAO and these would connect fine and play fine.

I get errors that my Net Bits are incorrect set and I have Out of Read and Out of Write errors anytime I try to install SSAO. I have merged it into a clean project and the issue is present immediately. The issue does not seem to affect single player release mode without AFX.

Any thoughts?

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Re:crashing with SSAO installed 8 Years, 11 Months ago  
Hi Sean,

It sounds like there may be some sort of incompatibility between AFX and SSAO. I wouldn't be too surprised since it's likely they both make changes to some of the same files.

For this reason we don't officially support installing SSAO into anything except a clean TGEA SDK. (As I'm sure you can appreciate, there are an infinite number of different add-ons & modifications that developers can apply that may be incompatible with our shaders in some way. It's very difficult to debug codebases where we are unfamiliar with what has been modified.)

However, I recall that some users have had more luck by installing SSAO first, and then AFX (no promises). If you're having Out of Read and Out of Write errors, pay special attention to any networking changes the two kits make. It can be *extremely* easy to introduce an inconsistency between packUpdate() and unpackUpdate().

Let me know if that helps,
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