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T3D Add-ons

3D Action Adventure Kit

The 3D Action Adventure Kit is a great foundation for aspiring game designers to create their own adventure games. It provides all the necessary building blocks to create adventure games such as Mario Galaxy, Shadow of the Colossus, ICO, and Zelda. The flexible camera system will also allows the creation of 2D platforming games like Little Big Planet and fixed camera games like God of War, Metal Gear Solid, and Devil May Cry.
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TGEA Add-ons

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion Shader Kit

Our real-time screen space ambient occlusion shader (SSAO) for the Torque Game Engine Advanced will calculate ambient occlusion based on your scene geometry in combination with a custom depth render pass. The result is an enhancement of your geometry through the subtle form of ambient occlusion.
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Depth of Field Shader Kit

Our Depth of Field Shader Kit will add beautiful real-time depth of field effects to your Torque Game Engine Advanced (TGEA) game. Based on real-world camera lens algorithms, our shader provides realistic and accurate depth of field simulations.
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