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SSAO Shader Kit for TGEA


ssao comparison

Customer Testimonial
“I bought this pack and it is a breeze to install. It has instructions for integrating it with the current TGEA,
and the previous 2 versions. The documentation is clear, and easy to read. The code is very well written, and uses
ShaderGen and the RenderInstMgr exactly how they were intended to be used and expanded.

I integrated this into a different codebase than TGEA, and it went in very smoothly, and the results were great.

Well written code kit, and well worth the price. I recommend it.”

- Pat Wilson, Lead Programmer, Garage Games


Real Time Screen Space Ambient Occlusion Shaders (SSAO)
Our real-time screen space ambient occlusion shader (SSAO) for the Torque Game Engine Advanced (TGEA) will calculate ambient occlusion based on your scene geometry in combination with a custom depth render pass. The result is an enhancement of your geometry through the subtle form of ambient occlusion. Ambient Occlusion assists in adding depth and form to your models 3D objects. Our shaders will add ambient occlusion shadows onto any 3D model in your scene:

  • DIF interiors
  • DTS models
  • Animated DTS models
  • Characters, Items, Vehicles etc.
  • Ambient occlusion is not applied to Terrain Blocks, or Atlas Terrains

Because our shader works in real time, you will see ambient occlusion in situations where it would be impossible to pre-bake the lighting information such as between your player model and the floor as he runs around, or between separate animating models such as the cogs of a clock, or a pile of bricks falling to the ground.

The shader works by analyzing all the objects in the scene and figuring out where everything is in relation to each other. It then creates an Ambient Occlusion pass to be rendered over top of the regular render pass to give the scene those form-defining soft shadows.

ssao composite

In-Editor Parameter Adjustment
Brightness and contrast are among a few of the parameters we have extended into the SkyObject. This allows you to play with the values of the shader in real-time using the in-game editor until you achieve a look that fits your scene just right.

SSAO Download Includes
7 new shader files
4 new C++ files
Easy to follow Installation Guide

Minimum System Requirements
Torque Game Engine Advanced 1.0.3, 1.7.0, 1.7.1, or 1.8.1
2.0 GHz processor (or equivalent)
Windows XP/Vista, MacOSX
3D Accelerator with Shader Model 3.0 support (GeForce 6000 / Radeon X1000 series, or newer)
(SSAO quietly disables itself if Shader Model 3.0 is not supported)