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3D Action Adventure Kit for Torque3D

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The 3D Action Adventure Kit for T3D is a great foundation for aspiring game designers to create their own adventure games. It provides all the necessary building blocks to create adventure games such as Mario Galaxy, Shadow of the Colossus, ICO, and Zelda. The flexible camera system also allows the creation of 2D platforming games like Little Big Planet and fixed camera games like God of War, Metal Gear Solid, and Devil May Cry.

  • Overhauled player functionality allows players to walk, run, jump, slide, climb surfaces, climb up ledges, hang and move along ledges
  • Variable walk/run speeds (with analog), and variable jump length
  • New camera system including an intelligent follow camera (avoids view obstructions), manual orbit camera, constrained axis camera, and a path following camera
  • Camera-relative player controls
  • New character model with 26 unique animations
  • 30 new player sound effects
  • Complete demo level with over 75 Collada (.dae) models
  • Full tutorials and documentation covering character animation, level design, sound engineering, and camera implementation.

The goal of the 3D Action Adventure kit is to assist in the education of game design by providing the tools necessary allowing learners to grow through hands-on learning and prototyping. Game design is a complex skill requiring hours of creation and experimentation. This tool provides the framework necessary to start the hands-on learning immediately.

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Requirements and Compatibility

If you can compile and run Torque 3D on your computer, then you're ready to start developing with the 3D Action Adventure Kit!

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